>>Kansas City Fitness Testing Services<<

SECA Body Composition test

Medical-grade Body Composition Testing goes far beyond body fat percentage! The SECA 8-point Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is 100% safe and takes just 17 seconds. Very popular Kansas City fitness testing service!

In-depth metrics like fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water, intracellular water, extracellular water, and skeletal muscle mass can help you identify areas of muscular imbalance, inflammation, and where you store visceral (unhealthy) fat. Plus, how hydrated you are!

Styku 3D Body Scan

Our industry-leading 3D Body Scan captures millions of data points and 21 precision measurements in just 30 seconds. Full results are ready in minutes—fast and accurate! Very popular Kansas City fitness testing service!

The Styku 3D Body Scan generates a high-definition full-body profile and silhouette that can be zoomed in and rotated for in-depth analysis. Our software allows you to chart key measurements over time—a motivating visual map of your progress in your fitness journey!

Personal Metabolism Test (RMR)

We use the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test to calculate the exact number of calories you burn AT REST every 24 hours. This test can tell you if you’re naturally more of a carb burner or fat burner when at rest.

Our dieticians use this essential info to calculate meal plans and custom macros to help you reach your health goals—like a sustainable calorie deficit for weight loss, balancing your macros to build muscle, and fueling your body for athletic performance.

V02 Max Heart Rate Zones Test

Could you be losing body fat and building lean muscle FASTER by adjusting the intensity of your cardio workouts? Our Kansas City fitness testing will tell you!

Our VO2 Test measures how many calories you burn during various intensities of exercise to pinpoint target “heart rate zones” that will help you get the most out of each training session. You’ll know how many calories you need to eat for each competition or workout. Shed weight, gain bulk, or maintain your hard-won cardio fitness level!

>>Custom Workout Plans + Meal Plans<<

Custom Cardio + Strength Training Workout Plans

Decrease body fat and build the max amount of lean muscle. Fine-tune your performance to reach your new personal best. Train to fix muscle imbalances or focus on sculpting one confidence-boosting feature.

No matter your fitness goals, our team of personal trainers will craft a Custom Cardio and Strength Training Workout Plan that incorporates focused cardio and weight training exercises, goal setting, mindset, and accountability. 

Simply choose the custom workout plan package tier that’s right for your needs. Your personal trainer will contact you within a few days to discuss your custom workout plan. This is the perfect pairing with our Kansas City fitness testing services because it lets our personal trainers translate your results into a strategic workout regimen that is tailored to YOUR body.

Tier 1
$129 One-time

You'll receive ONE fitness coaching call with your personal trainer. We will then prepare a 6-12 week custom fitness program tailored to you, with exercises, mindset guidance, and a full explanation of how you can reach your goals.

Tier 2
$294/ month

With our Tier 2 Monthly Plan, you'll get monthly coaching calls with your personal trainer, along with weekly check-ins. You'll receive customized workouts and an achievable, actionable plan to reach your cardio endurance and strength goals.

tier 3
$429/ month

Our Tier 3 Monthly Plan starts with an in-depth coaching call. You'll receive a complete program designed to help you meet your training goal with daily workouts, weekly check-ins, and as-needed nutrition, mindset, and race preparation coaching calls.

Custom Dietician-backed Meal Plans + Macros Calculation

Our team of registered dieticians is here to take the guesswork out of calculating macros and meal planning. We’ll incorporate the foods you enjoy eating most for a sustainable, enjoyable custom nutrition plan.

Macronutrient calculation (optional) gives you the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for your body. Add macros to our app or your favorite food-tracking app to understand your nutrition—from upping your protein to spotting “hidden” carbs.

Meal planning is one of the most powerful ways to put our Kansas City fitness testing services to WORK! Our dietitians can use your test results to craft a sustainable plan for better nutrition—and your best body ever.

Choose the right package tier for your needs and one of our registered dieticians will get in touch to discuss your custom meal plan.


Our dieticians will put together a custom meal plan and target macros to help you reach your fitness and training goals.


This option is similar to our individual meal plans, but is designed to let you eat the same meals, but in adjusted portions.


Nutritional coaching with our dieticians helps performance athletes with very specific goals pair their training with precision nutrition.
older man working out with a personal trainer in a gym near bodymetrx kansas city

Affordable kansas city Personal Training packages

Have a specific health and fitness goal in mind that you want to achieve? Our affordable Kansas City personal training packages are the best and fastest way to get there!

To get started, you’ll meet with your dedicated personal trainer to review your fitness testing results and design a custom strength, cardio, or sports and endurance focused workout routine to help you reach short and long-term fitness goals!

You’ll meet your dedicated personal trainer for sessions at our nearby partner fitness studio, Co-Op Fitness in Waldo.

Co-Op Fitness Studio is located at 7201 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64114. Sign up now while we still have spots open at this discounted rate!

8-session Personal Training Package | $525

Meet your personal trainer for (8) 1-hour personal training sessions. We recommend at least one training session per week for best results!

>>Our Kansas City Fitness Testing Packages<<

MetRX Basics

$ 176 Save 10% | $20 OFF
  • 1 Consultation
  • 2 Body Composition Tests
  • 2 3D Body Scans

Goal Getter

$ 399 Save 10% | $45 OFF
  • 1 Consultation
  • 2 Body Composition Tests
  • 2 3D Body Scans
  • 1 RMR Metabolism Test
  • Custom Meal Plan
Most Popular

Body Blueprint

$ 748 Save 15% | $133 OFF
  • 1 Consultation
  • 2 Body Composition Tests
  • 2 3D Body Scans
  • 1 RMR Metabolism Test
  • 1 VO2 Max Test
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Custom Cardio Plan
  • Custom Strength Plan

>>Our Kansas City Fitness Testing Memberships<<

$240 total savings


$ 95 per month for 12 months
  • 1 Consultation
  • 8 Body Composition Tests
  • 4 RMR Metabolism Tests
  • 4 Custom Meal Plans
$456 total savings


$ 160 per month for 12 months
  • 1 Consultation
  • 8 Body Composition Tests
  • 8 3D Body Scans
  • 4 RMR Metabolism Tests
  • 4 VO2 Max Tests
  • 4 Custom Meal Plans
$504 total savings


$ 199 per month for 12 months
  • 1 Consultation
  • 8 Body Composition Tests
  • 8 3D Body Scans
  • 4 RMR Metabolism Tests
  • 4 VO2 Max Tests
  • 4 Custom Meal Plans
  • 4 Custom Cardio + Strength Workout Plans
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Tracker