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7 Best Kansas City Body Composition Scan Locations [Dexa, Seca, BodPod]

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Looking for a Dexa Scan, Seca Scan, or BodPod Scan in the Kansas City area? Googling “Kansas City body composition scan near me” or “body fat test near me”? Then, my friend, you’re in the right place!

Not sure which type of fitness testing is right for your fitness and health needs?

We offer 4 medical-grade wellness tests here at BodymetRx Kansas City and we love nerding out about health data with members of our Kansas City community! Come on in for a free consult to learn which fitness tests are right for you.

We know there are many factors when it comes to booking your scan, but we’re the most friendly and knowledgeable body composition scan team you’ll find in the Kansas City area!

The List: 7 Best Kansas City Dexa Scan, Seca Scan, and BodPod Scan Locations

Location NameLocation AddressScan TypePricePhone Number
BodymetRx Kansas City9240 Glenwood St Suite C, Overland Park, KS 66212Seca$49913 258-5552
DexaFit Kansas City14008 W. 135th Street Olathe, KS 66062Dexa$99913 444-3141
Fitnescity Kansas City9201 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66112Dexa$140888 348-6372
Fitnescity Overland Park6650 W 110th St, Overland Park, KS 66210Dexa$155888 348-6372
BodyFit Kansas City3838 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64111BodPod$50816 834-9430
BodyBalance2200 W 47th Pl, Westwood, KS 66205Dexa$99913 423-9908
KU Medical Center3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Kansas City, KS 66160BodPod$50913 588-5355
Last updated April 2024—information may have changed. We are not responsible for your experience at any other testing facility and we, unfortunately, are unable to answer any questions about their services.

Which Is the Best Kansas City Body Composition Scan For You?

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to body fat testing and body composition tests!

We highly recommend the Seca mBCA body composition scan because:

  • It’s the most affordable at $49 or less per test, compared to Dexa’s $99-$155 price tag.
  • It’s fast—It takes only 20 seconds, compared to a 20-minute Dexa scan.
  • SECA is 100% safe and does not expose you to potentially harmful x-rays like Dexa scans.
  • Seca scans can be repeated as often as you like, while Dexa is limited to 4x per year.
  • Seca is extremely accurate—BodPod may overestimate body fat % by as much as 6.79-6.84%.

We are (to our knowledge) the only fitness testing facilities in the Kansas City area that offers Seca body composition scans.

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Learn more about the benefits and safety of Seca vs Dexa Body Composition Scans in our article: Kansas City Dexa vs Seca Scans—You MUST Read This FIRST!

Most Affordable Body Composition Scan: Seca or BodPod

Our Seca scans are priced at a competitive $49 per body composition scan, but you can also save 15-25% if you purchase one of our fitness testing packages or fitness testing monthly memberships.

BodPod scan are similarly affordable at $50 per scan.

Dexa is the least affordable Kansas City body composition scan, with prices ranging from $99-$155 locally.

Safest Body Composition Scan: Seca or BodPod

If safety is also a concern for you, we recommend choosing Seca or BodPod to measure your body fat percent, muscle mass percent, visceral fat percent, and other important fitness metrics.

Dexa scans use x-ray technology, which studies show may increase your risk of cancer. Centers for Disease Control says: “The amount of radiation used in Dexa scans is very low and similar to the amount of radiation used in common X-rays. Although we all are exposed to ionizing radiation every day from the natural environment, added exposures can slightly increase the risk of developing cancer later in life.”

Most Accurate Kansas City Body Composition Scan: Dexa or Seca

One recent study found that BodPod’s margin of error may be higher when measuring body fat percent. In this study, the bod pod overestimated body fat by an average of 6.79-6.84%. That can matter a LOT when you are tracking body fat percentage changes closely to optimize your health!

Most Convenient Kansas City Body Composition Scan

This really depends on your location and preferences! It’s very easy to book a Kansas City body composition scan at BodymetRx KC and we often have the fastest and most open appointment availability compared to other Kansas City Dexa scan or BodPod scan locations. We can usually get you in for same-day body composition testing.

Additionally, our clients find it really convenient that we offer Styku 3D full-body scans, Personal Metabolism Tests, VO2Max Testing for Optimal Heart Rate Zones, meal plans, and workout plans at our Kansas City fitness testing facility. Check out our Services page for full details. We’re a one-stop shop for pretty much any fitness and wellness need you have!

How Do I Book a Body Composition Scan in Kansas City?

Come visit our Kansas City fitness testing center location for a FREE CONSULTATION any time to learn more about each of our fitness tests, chat about our discounted testing packages and memberships, and meet our friendly staff. You can also go ahead and schedule your Seca body composition scan NOW. We’ll still give you a tour when you arrive!

I hope to see you soon!


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